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A cost-effective, high-impact direct marketing system for businesses targeting savvy consumers that “shop local and want to save”!

Do you need to reach more consumers? 

Drive more consumers to your website?

Want to build a loyal customer base?

Create Call-To-Action that motivates consumers to engage and respond to your business?

Are you in the conversation when consumers are ready to buy?

YAPABOOK is an advertising solution focused on “Shop Local and Save”.

We have elevated the direct marketing experience.  It’s an upscale Direct Mail and Mobile offers platform to specifically appeal to home and lifestyle shoppers.

Our cutting-edge marketing system offers an advertising opportunity that is sure to put and keep you in the conversation when consumers are looking to purchase products or services.

Why Local?

Local business is the lifeblood of the community.

Community’s thrive when local businesses are supported.  However, this takes a movement of sharing, referrals and consistent marketing to create awareness for the local businesses in the community.

More money stays in the local community when you encourage and attract consumers to shop local. When consumers spend local a majority of each dollar is cycled through the local community vs. spending with national chains and online means a large portion of the money is leaving the community.

What does this mean?

When you use the YAPABOOK system and provide an offer for consumers, it motivates them to shop local and save which keeps most of the money in the local community to fund and preserve the services that everyone enjoys!

So what does YAPABOOK do?

We connect local businesses and consumers which forms a community network.  This network brings businesses and consumers together where they will be met with upscale Home & Lifestyle Offers which provides savings for them, profits for you and keeps dollars in the local community.

In unison, consumers seeking your offer will see other offers from local businesses and consumer’s seeking other offers will see your offer, therefore creating the network that benefits all local business in the community using our system.

Marketing and Access to your offers available through 3-channels.

  • DIRECT MAIL – Special offers for your product or service are transformed into a beautiful custom-designed ad in our high-quality offer booklet.  We mail the booklet to thousands of qualified consumers 4-times per year.
  • ONLINE – Your business is provided a custom online profile at YAPABOOK.COM.  Consumers can search, view, print and share your offer.
  • MOBILE – Consumers looking for deals on-the-go can access YAPABOOK.COM from any mobile device to redeem your offer.  They can even place it on their home screen as we created our own favicon for easy access.

Direct Marketing with Consistency and a call-to-action is a powerful way to build your brand and YAPABOOK is the ideal solution for home and lifestyle companies looking to engage new consumers!

Check out the benefits, statistics and research below…

yapa (noun)

  1. A little bit extra.
  2. Something that is added, especially something that a merchant gives to a customer to create savings and value.
  3. What you get when you use YAPABOOK.

YAPABOOK is a multi-channel advertising solution that puts your product or service in front of potential consumers.  We have elevated the direct marketing experience.  It’s a unique Direct Mail and Mobile offers platform that specifically appeals to home and lifestyle shoppers in the local community.

Our cutting-edge marketing system offers an advertising opportunity  that is sure to put and keep you in the conversation when consumers are looking to purchase products or services.

The YAPABOOK team has over 30-years of marketing and advertising experience.  We understand the importance of maximizing every dollar to create the best possible return on investment.


To provide Value, Savings and Opportunity in the marketplace”


CONNECT your business with targeted and qualified consumers

REWARD consumers for patronizing your business

BUILD loyalty with consumers by providing continuous appealing offers

CREATE a long lasting partnership between you, the consumer and YAPABOOK

  • $3.1 Billion was saved by consumers in 2017 thanks to offers and coupons
  • Over 86% of the U.S. population uses some form of offer card or coupon
  • 88% of households with an income of $50,000 to $100,000 per year use offer cards or coupons
  • 85% of households with an income of $100,000 to $200,000 per year look for deals
  • 86% of households with an income of $200,000 or more per year look for deals
  • 81% of affluent shoppers use paper coupons once a month or more
  • 82% of  all consumers use offer cards/coupons delivered by a coupon/offer book
  • 72% of adults respond to a “buy one-get one free” offer
  • 63% of adults respond to a “percentage off” offer
  • 92% of people say they are always looking for deals when they shop
  • 94% of millennials use offer cards/paper coupons
  • 52% print out digital coupons for use in stores
  • 80% of diners said they would try a new restaurant if there is a deal
  • Consumers received an estimated $2.5-Billion in offer card/coupon savings in 2015
  • Offer cards and coupons are very popular across all age groups and demographics
  • Most offer card and coupon usage is still physical in nature

(Sources: DMA, USPS, Veritas Comm, Coupon Month, Marketing Association Coupon Council, Mendelsohn Affluent Survey,Valassis Val, MM, Retail Me Not, Hawk Incentives, NCH Marketing)

“Direct Mail is a marketing channel that is highly targeted, incredibly impactful and offers a strong Return on Investment”

  • Approximately $42-Billion was spent on direct mail in 2019
  • 90% of all direct mail gets read or seen immediately
  • 85% of women between 25-54 read direct mail
  • 73% of people preferred direct mail for new product information and offers over email
  • 76% of internet users are influenced by direct mail to make an online purchase
  • A study revealed that brand recall was 70% higher among participants who were exposed to direct mail rather than to digital ones
  • Direct mail has the highest rate of success in new customer acquisition compared to other marketing channels
  • Direct Mail is the #1 traditional media used by local businesses for advertising and promotion
  • On the average, every $1 spent on direct mail advertising returns an estimated $10-$15 in sales
  • Direct mail had an average 4.9% response rate on prospect lists 2018-2019
  • 70% prefer mail as the to receive unsolicited information from new vendors
  • Direct mail is seen as the best medium for providing “Return on Investment” by a 2 to 1 margin over the second best medium, the internet/social media
  • 67% feel that physical mail is more personal than email
  • Websites received a 163% lift when supported by direct mail
  • Direct mail recipients spend 28% more money than non-direct mail recipients
  • Direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media, making it easier to understand and more memorable
  • Builds brand recognition through longer shelf life

(Sources: DMA, USPS, Winterberry Group, 2012 Channel Preference Survey, Pitney Bowes, Compu-Mail, Lightspeed Research, Small Business Trends, BIA, Data Targeting Solutions, Marketing Charts, Kissmetrics)

Able to focus in on select targeted consumers who are likely to respond to offers

Has a long shelf life and consumers still like to hold, see and feel something in their hands

Provides measurable results and advertisers can track redemption

Direct Mail provides value to the consumer and is extremely cost effective for the advertiser

Increases the effectiveness of your advertising dollars, compared to the inefficiency of other media

Is one of the highest “Return of Investment” advertising channels compared to other advertising vehicles

Once customers experience savings on products and services, they stay loyal

“Digital and Mobile are powerful when combined with Direct Mail in motivating consumers to engage with your Brand”

  • 75% of consumers print online offers & coupons
  • 80% of internet users own a smartphone
  • 79% of smartphone users found it useful to have mobile offers & coupons on their phones
  • 62% of consumers use their smartphones to get store locations, information and directions

(Sources: Valassis, Smart KS, Accenture/IR, IDC)


Muli-Media and Marketing synergy can be a powerful formula if the mediums involved are bought correctly.  The issues and problems start when these mediums are not bought at levels that can break-through and have enough market penetration to deliver desired results.

Mediums such as Network TV, Cable TV, Radio and Outdoor do provide mass appeal, cover the market and have diversified audiences.  However, in many cases these mediums are not bought as the necessary benchmarks to deliver due to their cost and limits on advertising budgets.  This is why taking a synergistic targeted approach can dramatically improve an advertiser’s results and return on investment.

Our Theory; if a business is using mass market media, then implementing a cost effective shared direct mail + mobile platform should be considered to reach a targeted audience.  This way you get the best of both worlds, mass and target!

Research has shown that when other mediums such as Radio, TV, Cable and Outdoor are tied-in with direct mail, the results and “Return on Investment” are tremendously increased.

However, on it’s own, direct mail provides one of the best “Return on Investment” opportunities over any other advertising option.

This is simply why many of the largest companies in the U.S. consistently use direct mail, and according to several of the top research companies, more money is spent on direct mail annually than any other single advertising medium.

Should a business not have the budget to use mass media platforms correctly, then a great alternative would be a high quality shared direct mail program combined with online and mobile technology.  This would allow a business to reach a targeted and qualified audience for a few cents per household.

Let Direct Mail + Mobile Technology power your business!

Here are some of the features & benefits that separate us from the rest:

  • Reach more of the right consumers in select demographic areas
  • Unique colorful booklet, sure to get the consumers attention in the mailbox
  • High quality printing to make sure you convey your company’s positive image
  • Mailed to targeted and qualified households who can afford your product of service
  • Booklet stays together to create it’s own frequency
  • Drive more consumers to your website
  • Build a large customer base who appreciate value and savings
  • Engage and motivate consumers to connect with your business
  • Track redemption and measure success
  • Offer cards create “Call to Action”
  • Cost effective & efficient
  • Direct connection to the consumer
  • You are in the conversation when consumers want to buy
  • Participation in a community business network
  • Provides multiple ways for consumers to access your offer
  • High return on investment

“YAPABOOK is a highly effective marketing solution for any size business”

Yapabook Sample Booklet
Yapabook Sample Booklet
Yapabook Sample Booklet
Yapabook Sample Booklet
Yapabook Sample Booklet
Yapabook Sample Booklet
Yapabook Sample Bookletr
Yapabook Sample Booklet
Yapabook Sample Booklet
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